Canal Energia Portal highlights tool developed by Concremat for consolidating linear works data20220414173230
Featured in the Brazilian Engineering Ranking20220414173039
Professor Mauro Ribeiro Viegas receives tribute from the Society of Engineers and Architects of the State of Rio de Janeiro20220411131244
Concremat is recognized for its participation in the Parada Geral de Onça Puma, a Vale project in Ourilândia do Norte, southeastern Pará.20220411131158
Amazon region and its water wealth: environmental perspectives for energy transmission in crossings and flooded areas20220411131124
Concremat Ambiental executes monitoring programs for the conservation of predators and avifauna signals20220411131052
Concremat rises to the 30th position among the 150 most innovative companies in Brazil20220411131017
Concremat develops unprecedented traffic monitoring software for the National Department of Transport Infrastructure20220411130949
Discover the sociocultural projects supported by Concremat, in 2022, through tax incentive laws20220411130739
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