we are

we are

Our mission is to raise the quality, efficiency and sustainability of investments in engineering and infrastructure, building a legacy for the future.

We are a group of more than 3,000 professionals, operating throughout Brazil and in other Latin American countries. Our core competencies are studies, plans, design (Basic and Executive Projects); project and construction management; planning and execution of complex undertakings (EPC); asset integrity management, operation and maintenance. We have an environmental area that operates transversally to engineering, providing environmental solutions in all phases of the enterprise.

Throughout 70 years, we have relied on our team’s technical competence and on the constant search for innovative solutions to accomplish our mission every day.

Our vision for the future is to be market leaders and, for this purpose, we maintain a culture of developing our staff with high rigor, mobilizing our teams so that they can meet the challenges we take on. We understand that behind every good achievement there is an excellent team, and that everything begins and ends in the individual contribution.

We are fully commited to social, environmental and governance issues, contributing to create a positive impact on our customers’ businesses and on society.


We are eager to learn and innovate.

We prepare ourselves for challenges based on our teams and partners.

We take care of relationships with ethics, trust, safety, and respect for diversity.

We take responsibility and deliver value to our shareholders, customers, teams, and partners.


Concremat has been recognized on several occasions for its performance and service excellence. Check below our most recent awards and rankings.

Premio 500 OE

Brazilian Engineering Ranking
Concremat has been ranked among the top 3 Designers & Managers companies for 7 consecutive years (2016 to 2022).

Prêmio Valor Inovação Brasil

Value Innovation Brazil 2022
Ranked among the top five in the Construction and Engineering sector ranking and 52nd in the overall ranking.

InovaInfra 2021/2022
Highlight with the cases about the tool for control and monitoring of linear works with BIM concepts (2021) and the SIGA-OAE platform, which allows visualization of structures through a digital twin (2022).

CPFL Most Value Award 2021
Concremat was the winner in the “Highlight of the Year – Renewable Energies” category for the services rendered in the Gameleira Wind Complex project.

Best Petrobras Suppliers Award 2019
Concremat, through Consortium GTR3, received the award in the categories HSE Highlight -Safety and Onshore Engineering Works.

German Project Excellence Award

Deutscher Project Excellence Award
The BMW Group customer was the winner, in 2015, with the case of the construction of its Brazilian factory, located in Araquari (SC). Concremat played a key role in winning this recognition, among 120 cases worldwide. We work in the modalities Of Owner Engineering and Construction Management. Meeting all safety and quality requirements, the project was completed six months in advance and well below the planned budget.


Promoting the well-being and safety of all audiences with whom we relate, ensuring the quality of our services and activities, is a permanent commitment to Concremat. As well as maintaining a high ethical standard in everything we do.

Learn more about our QHSE guidelines and our Compliance Program.

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ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System
for the activities of studies, design, management, supervision and supervision of enterprises.

ABNT NBR ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System
in project development, management, supervision and supervision of enterprises.

ABNT NBR ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System
in project development, management, inspection and supervision of undertakings.


ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System
for the activities of design and construction of earthworks; design and construction of basic sanitation works; design and construction of construction works; design, supplies, construction and assembly of pipeline, pipeline and distribution networks of fuels, petroleum products and products in general; and design, supplies, construction and assembly of industrial units for processing and transfer of oil, gas and derivatives.


ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System
Supervision, technological control of concrete, soils, floors and coatings; laboratory tests of materials and building components; inspection, evaluation and monitoring of structural structures and pathologies and construction systems; control and quality management of enterprises; manufacturing inspection.

ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17025:2017
for Materials Technology Laboratories for the Construction Industry, accredited by the General Accreditation Coordination of Inmetro – São Paulo Laboratory.

We are part of
CCCC Group

In 2017, Concremat joined China Communications Construction Company, which is among the largest port and railway builders in the world.
Fourth in the international engineering news-record ranking, CCCC occupies the world’s leading position in the segment of dredging and manufacturing of container cranes. In addition to size, the group has unique skills and engineering experience in complex projects, with expertise in infrastructure financing, which allows our clients to have access to these skills.

With over 100 years of experience, CCCC has operations in more than 155 countries; more than 200 branches and offices around the world; more than 60 wholly owned subsidiaries and 14 offices in Latin America.

To centralize the operation of its subsidiaries in Latin America, the group established the CCCC South America Regional Company.Based in São Paulo, the company operates in an integrated manner with Concremat and has an investment platform, CCCC South America Investment Holding.