Compliance Program

Aware of the importance of following ethical standards, we structured the Compliance Program, recounting a model of integrity, transparency and compliance that is essential for all company processes. We maintain a compliance training program for our employees, through which periodic courses on the subject are taught and further clarifications are presented on this guideline, other internal rules and applicable laws, as well as the Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

Concremat Engenharia e Tecnologia, committed to an ethical standard of conduct, makes available its Code of Conduct, which, in addition to providing for a channel of complaint available to all, also includes the principles that must be present in the company's relations with its employees, customers, suppliers, service providers, shareholders, government and community.

Compliance Policy

Concremat Engenharia e Tecnologia makes available its Compliance Policy, which, in order to ensure that its operations will be conducted in a wholesome, ethical, sustainable, professional manner and through the adoption of best market practices and in accordance with applicable anti-corruption and competition laws, provides for rules and procedures that should be adopted by its employees and agents, service providers and business partners.

Canal de Denúncia

Reporting Channel

Concremat provides a complaints channel, operated by an independent company and available 24 hours a day, to report activities and behaviors that do not in accordance with the Code of Conduct or any internal policies of Concremat. The channel can be accessed through the or by phone 0800 942 0453, being assured the anonymity of the whistleblower.