Concremat manages works for the New Domingo Savio project, which will impact around 45 thousand people in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic

In December 2021 Concremat started to contribute to the development of Phase II of the Novo Domingo Savio project in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, providing specialized technical services for management, supervision and technical support in the urban sanitation part, besides other complementary services. The project, under the responsibility of the Neighborhood Readjustment and Environs Executive Unit (URBE, in its Spanish acronym), will cost around R$ 6 million and is expected to be delivered in June 2023.

The Domingo Savio neighborhood is located on the west side of the lower basin of the Ozama River, in the National District, and is formed by two other neighborhoods that share the territory: La Ciénaga and Los Guandules. The project will impact about 45,000 people who live in these sectors.

Although their housing is consolidated, there is a problem of insecurity and limited access in the Domingo Savio neighborhood. The sector is characterized by a lack of physical connection to the rest of the formal city. There are only four passable vehicle accesses to the lower part of the neighborhood. Another major problem is the vulnerability of the settlements, causing landslides and flooding. In addition, the sector presents serious problems of basic services (sewage and rainwater drainage, garbage collection, and drinking water and electricity supply), contributing intensely to the contamination of the Ozama River.


The New Sunday Savio Project

The project’s goal is to connect the neighborhood to the rest of the city and make it an example of order, safety, and good community coexistence. The second phase of this project includes the implementation of a system of secondary roads and the readjustment of the main roads and stairways to ensure good circulation. These roads will make a direct connection with the subway and cable car, and the city’s two main bridges, improving urban mobility. It will then proceed with the restructuring of the road system and infrastructure system (sewage, drainage, drinking water system, public lighting, and garbage treatment), removal of housing in a flood area on the banks of the Ozama River, and construction of parks and primary and secondary children’s schools.

“This is a work of great importance and will change the lives of thousands of families. Being part of this project, sharing our ethics and technical knowledge, sharing experiences with local professionals and gaining friendships, besides taking into account the country’s culture as a preponderant factor, is very great for the Concremat team,” said Heitor Antônio Gomes Santos, contract coordinator.

11 de August de 2022