Developed by Concremat with BIM and digital twin concepts, SIGA-OAE system is recognized at inovainfra award

With an eye on the potential market for maintenance and conservation of Special Structures (OAEs), as bridges and viaducts are called, the Asset Integrity Management and O&M area of Concremat developed the SIGA OAE tool. Conceived internally by Concremat with BIM concepts, the system allows to visualize structures through a digital twin – a parameterized 3D model of the asset. This model is loaded onto an EDM (Electronic Document Management) platform, allowing the recording of anomalies in the field, with simultaneous spatial link to the BIM model, from a mobile application.

The tool was elected one of the best cases of the third edition of the InovaInfra award, promoted annually by the magazine O Empreiteiro. The award ceremony took place on Tuesday night (04/19), in São Paulo, and included the presentation of the project by Magda Junqueira, director of Concremat’s O&M and Asset Integrity Management area. The event was also attended by Eduardo Viegas, VP Business Development, Marketing and Innovation at Concremat, and Guilherme Borges, Implementation Coordinator at Concremat’s Innovation department. More about the technology: SIGA – Concremat

20 de April de 2022