Concremat develops unprecedented traffic monitoring software for the National Department of Transport Infrastructure

The generation and analysis of data are fundamental for planning the expansion, maintenance and construction of new highways. With the objective of storing and managing information in real time, Concremat developed for the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT) an unprecedented traffic monitoring software, with more than 340 pieces of equipment spread on highways throughout Brazil. Part of the National Traffic Count Plan (PNCT), the Data Management System (SGD) is capable of providing socioeconomic indicators, vehicle volume and accident rate, among other information. Created by Concremat, in consortium with Certare, the SGD maps highway traffic 24 hours a day. The information collected helps the DNIT in decision making on the application of resources, duplication of roads and the state of degradation of the roads. The data can be accessed on the system’s portal, with the possibility of filtering searches by location and time, in addition to creating reports with specific details. The unprecedented software, implemented in 2021, will collect data from Brazilian highways until 2026. “The equipment can differentiate each vehicle, including counting the number of truck and heavy vehicle axles. We obtained data on the weight of vehicles, which may indicate an increase in the degradation of that road. In addition to creating the software, DNIT needed a manager to collect and make this information available, which helps to make the best investment decisions. We were able to deliver an unprecedented and crucial product for the development of highways in Brazil”, explains Gontran Thiago Thibery L. Maluf, Executive Director of Logistics at Concremat. The Data Management System was presented at the 4th edition of the DNIT Planning Week. Held between March 28th and 31st, the event discussed equipment, products and services used by DNIT, in addition to market innovations in the field of consultative engineering. The lectures, entitled “Monitoring and control system of the National Traffic Count Plan – PNCT” and “Proposal for using PNCT data in the long-term planning of pavement maintenance” were presented by collaborators Iza Dourado and Carlos Pires Leandro, respectively.
5 de April de 2022