Environmental actions developed by Concremat in a contract in Pará reduced the area required for vegetal suppression by 65%, compared to the initial estimate.

July 17th is Forest Protection Day. Concremat has an ongoing commitment to promote actions that contribute to the preservation of the environment, including the flora. A significant example occurred in 2021 in a project located in Pará where Concremat developed the Basic Project. To enable the execution of the drilling and topography studies, it was necessary to remove vegetation to open the service roads. To ensure compliance with the environmental legislation and incorporate the best sustainability practices into the project, the Engineering team relied on Concremat Ambiental.

The work included obtaining environmental licenses from the Pará State Secretary of the Environment (SEMAS) and involved conducting a forest inventory, monitoring the vegetation suppression to scare off and rescue fauna and flora, and the environmental supervision of field services. Initially it was planned to suppress 85.71 hectares of forest.

The activities were carried out considering the premise of reducing environmental impacts. Thus, during the opening of the service roads, the Concremat team promoted the punctual deviation of the path in order to avoid cutting the largest tree species (with dbh exceeding 40cm) and rare, threatened, or protected by specific law forest species.

“The larger trees are generally connected to smaller trees by lianas and branches. The felling of a large tree causes other smaller trees in the surrounding area to fall and opens up larger gaps in the forest canopy – reducing the ecosystem’s ability to recover”, explained Concremat’s Environmental Director, Josefina Kurtz.

As a result of the actions taken, the area effectively suppressed totaled only 29.19 hectares, a 65.7% reduction in relation to what was initially planned. This success was possible thanks to the commitment of the whole team involved, committed to reducing the environmental impacts associated with the execution of the contract’s field activities, in attention to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 13 and 15, which are part of the United Nations Agenda 2030.

15 de July de 2022