Asset Integrity Management and O&M

The Area of Asset Integrity Management and Operation & Maintenance (GIA – O&M) provides services of inspections, tests, evaluations, issuance of technical reports, structural analysis and methodologies of recovery / reinforcement / protection, as well as operation and maintenance management for structures and equipment in various segments.  

Our operations are mainly focused on the assessment of asset integrity already in operation (OPEX), however, we also operate in the manufacturing / construction phase, focusing on quality control (CAPEX). Our team has specialists in durability, stability and functionality of civil structures and electromechanical equipment. 

Get to know the main expertise of gia – O&M: 

Assessment of Civil Structures
Inspection of Electromechanical Equipment
Operation and Maintenance Management

Services by Phase of the enterprise

» Commissioning 
» Expediting 
» Precautionary survey 
» Inspection of manufacturing and assembly of structures and equipment 
» Non-destructive testing (EVS, LP, PM, ME, US Phased Array) 
» Quality inspection and inspection  Operation 
» Maintenance planning 
» Maintenance management 
» Operations management 
» Service management 
» Inspection, testing and evaluation of civil structures (buildings, Special Works of Art, dams, ETAs/ETEs etc.) 
» Proof of static and dynamic load on structures 
» Instrumentation and monitoring of civil structures 
» Project for the recovery of civil structures (pathologies) 
» Structural reinforcement analysis and design 
» Asset Maintenance Management System – SIGMA 
» Integrated Asset Management System – SIGA (integrated platform with BIM) 
» Compliance with dam safety law (periodic inspections, instrumentation, Safety Plan, periodic safety review, Emergency Action Plan) 
» Inspection of equipment (tanks, pipes, NR-13) 
» Risk-based inspection (RBI) 
» Non-destructive testing (EVS, LP, PM, ME, US C-Scan, MFL) 
» Analysis of failures in industrial equipment and civil structures 
» Commissioning certificate  Closure 
» Decommissioning Plan
» Legal documentation
» Decommissioning inspection for civil equipment and facilities 
» Preservation of assets (hibernation of machinery, equipment and facilities)