Studies and Projects

Concremat’s Studies and Projects area aims to bring its clients a value engineering, with effective solutions that contribute to the knowledge of the business, assist in decision making and increase the quality and efficiency of infrastructure projects.

The main products developed by the area are:

  • Municipal and regional plans (sanitation, urban mobility, road safety, etc.);
  • Feasibility Studies;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Project Quality Control (CQP);
  • Certification, Supervision and Project Management (design);
  • Independent Engineering;
  • PPP and Concession Modeling;
  • Technical Monitoring of Works (ATO);
  • Engineering Projects (Conceptual, Basic and Executive).

The multidisciplinary team has extensive experience in logistics infrastructure (ports, railways, highways, etc.), sanitation, urban mobility, among other segments. It has approximately 100 employees from various specialties, including: Geometry, Earthworks, Drainage, Paving, Expropriation, Railway Superstructure, Geotechnics, Structures, Architecture and Urbanism, Sanitation (Water and Sewage), Traffic, Material Handling, Electrical, Mechanics, Telecommunications, Instrumentation, Automation and Budget.

The professionals in the area of Studies and Projects have extensive specialized technical baggage and knowledge and mastery in the use of bim methodology, being important for a project with integrated solutions, more compatible and assertive. In addition to the elaboration of bim projects, the team has expertise in the development of work execution planning, through 4D (deadlines) and 5D (costs) models. The methodology allows the development of a single model with all the information and data linked, allowing to plan the complete chain of the asset from its conceptual phase to the operation.