Services by phases of the enterprise

Services by phases of the enterprise

Development plans

Master plans

Market studies

Location studies

Resource inventories

Risk assessment

Business evaluation

Technical and Economic Due Diligence

Conceptual design

Preliminary feasibility studies

Preliminary assessment of implementation costs


Organizational and institutional studies

PPPs and concessions modeling

Basic project (FEED)

Implementation planning

Implementation licenses


Technical-economic feasibility study (EVTE)

Management model

Design-buid – Design and construction

Technical and Economic Due Diligence

EPC – Design, supply and construction

Built to suit – Financial structuring, design, procurement and construction

Owner's Engineering (certification/verification of studies and projects)

Detailed design




Project management

Project Quality Control (PQC)

Environmental management

OHS management

Implementation management


Program management

Due diligence

Owner's Engineering

Multisite management

Certification/independent verification for PPPs and concessions

Precautionary inspection

Inspection of fabrication and assembly of structures and equipment

Non-destructive testing(EVS, LP, PM, ME, US Phased Array)

Geotechnical investigation and field trials (SPT, Trado, CPTU, Vane, Permeabilidade)

Laboratory geotechnical investigation (Characterization)

Foundation tests (PIT, PDA, PCE, PCS)

Technological control

Quality control and inspection

Laboratory testing of construction materials

Quarry studies

Maintenance planning

Maintenance management

Operations management

Service management

Inspection, testing and evaluation of civil structures (Buildings, Bridges, Pier, etc.)

Static and dynamic load testing in structures

Civil structures recovery project (Pathologies)

Analysis and design of structural reinforcement

Asset maintenance management system - SIGMA

Instrumentation and monitoring civil structures

Technical supervision and quality control of civil works

Geotechnical inspection and instrumentation (pipelines, bridges, tunnels, dams and buildings)

Compliance with dam safety law (Safety Plan, Periodic Review, Emergency Action Plan)

Testing of sidewalks (GPR, IRI, FWD, LVD, LVC)

Inspection of vertical and horizontal signage (Retro-reflectance)

Analysis of failures in industrial equipment and civil structures

Equipment inspection (Tanks, Pipes, NR-13)

Non-destructive testing (EVS, LP, PM, ME, US C-Scan, MFL)

Local content certification

Commissioning certificate

Decommissioning plan

Degraded area recomposition studies

Legal documentation

Decommissioning inspection for civil equipment and installations

Asset preservation (hibernation of machinery, equipment and facilities)