Stant is a partner mobile platform used for the management, supervision and inspection services of works, with frequent monitoring of all activities, from which conformities, non-conformities and occurrences are pointed out. In addition, its indicators are managed through a web platform in a dynamic and collaborative way.

This digitalization of the data collection processes in the field generates about 80% of time reduction in the availability of information when compared to traditional inspection methods. Concremat has already been using Stant in several segments of the civil construction industry, such as airports, ports, buildings, highways, pipelines, water/sewage treatment plants, wind farms, transmission lines, substations and pipes.

With Stant, everyone involved can follow the progress of the works simultaneously in a single digital environment, with checklists, dashboard and photographic reports generated almost in real time. For this, a team of specialists from Concremat implemented our know-how through specialized service verification sheets, available in the digital solution when the project is monitored by Concremat.

The selection of startup Stant began in 2017 from the analysis of more than 20 companies, in a partnership with the accelerator ACE. At the time, the challenge was to meet Concremat’s digitalization strategy and allow the performance of our field processes in management, supervision and inspection, with a single information environment. Stant presented itself as the closest tool to what we needed and, during six months of open innovation partnership, Concremat invested, initially as a customer, in solution developments to meet our needs. After this period, the first implementations in contracts began, and today Stant is the standard tool for all contracts with adhering scope.

From the beginning, Concremat saw the possibility of a more solid partnership with the startup and, after the success of the first initiatives, it made official, at the beginning of 2020, in our first corporate venture capital movement – alternative investment modality used to support businesses by through the purchase of an equity stake – with the acquisition of 30% of Stant.