Salobo III Project

Salobo III

The Salobo III project aims at expanding Salobo Metais mine facilities, with the construction of a new beneficiation plant.

Concremat works on the  management and supervision services for the implementation of Salobo III project and other current projects located at Serra dos Carajás. The scope includes the following activities/assignments:

– Management and supervision of the project construction;

– Detailed engineering supervision and ATO;

– Project documents management;

– Monitoring the contracting processes for materials and services;

– Acting in the process of quality assurance of the project’s construction;

– Act in the process of administrative management of the project, in the supervision of the implementation and measurement of contracts;

– Acting in the Health, Safety, and Environment activities;

– Act in the management of third-party contracts;

– Analyze and validate detailed engineering.

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Project implementation management and supervision




Tapirapé-Aquiri National Reserve – Marabá-PA

Projeto Salobo III