Lojas Renner S.A. Distribution center

Lojas Renner S.A. Distribution center

In October 2021, the civil construction stage of the buildings of the new distribution center of Lojas Renner S.A. was completed. The logistics center is the largest in Latin America, with 160,000 m² of logistics warehouses. Fully air-conditioned and with high-tech automated conveyor belts, in addition to complex installations that also involve automation of all building systems, including remotely, the enterprise has 175 dock spaces, administrative buildings, a living area and a restaurant for 400 people per shift.

Concremat was responsible for managing the projects and works. The BIM methodology was used throughout all stages, with design and analysis workshops, in addition to clash detection, inspections, work checklists, documentation management and work safety routines, seeking the integration of all those involved.

The Concremat team started activities in December 2018 with the conceptual design phase, support for the preparation of a Memorial for contracting the BTS modality, evaluation of suppliers and equalization of proposals.

The activities included customer support to understand the needs of the enterprise; monitoring the development of projects in 2D and 3D; verification of the delivery schedule; participation in meetings with the designer and critical analysis of the projects issued throughout the development process until delivery.

In the management of the execution through the supervision of the works, the status of physical progress, the project schedule, work safety of the assembly services of the logistic and installation solution and the quality of the services performed were monitored.

E.volutive procedures were used, Concremat’s exclusive management intelligence, with weekly delivery of reports controlling deadlines, risks, scope management, documentation and quality and safety assessments. Concremat also developed action plans for identified deviations.



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