Goyaz Transmission System

Goyaz Transmission System

Located in the State of Goiás, the Goyaz Transmission System includes 144 km of power transmission lines to be built and the expansion of some existing substations in the region. Concremat is responsible for managing and supervising the construction, installation, commissioning and energizing processes of the transmission facilities, ensuring constructive, environmental and health and safety compliance.

To optimize the processes and ensure the reliability of the information generated, Concremat has adopted a series of digital tools. Among them is Stant, a mobile construction management platform that allows the insertion of data by the teams in the field in a digital way, updated in real time and accessible to all involved in the project. The information collected by Stant is integrated into a custom dashboard with project progress indicators, enabling greater control of KPIs.

Other highlights include the digital data book, prepared according to the execution of the work: the management of folders and documents, stored on a Sharepoint site, is done according to the documentation that must be submitted for the preparation of the data book and in real time; for the digital Daily Work Report, with an interface defined and customized for the client; and for the document approval flow in an optimized way.

To enable the 24 hours monitoring of the construction site, Concremat counts with cameras installed in several points of the work fronts, with remote visualization in real time.





Management and inspection of the processes of construction, assembly, commissioning, energization and closure of transmission facilities


Sterlite Power (Goyaz Transmissão de Energia S.A.)


Goias state

Sistema de Transmissão Goyaz
Sistema de Transmissão Goyaz