Fuel and Biofuels Pipeline

Fuel and Biofuels Pipeline

Fuel and Biofuels Pipeline

In April 2019, Concremat started providing specialized construction management services to Logum Logística – a company responsible for the construction and operation of an environmentally clean and sustainable pipeline transportation system for fuels and biofuels, with the capacity to meet the growing demand of this market.  Phase I of the project was concluded in December 2021, and Concremat will continue the management activities in a new phase for the construction of a new pipeline stretch – which will interconnect the Guararema and São José dos Campos terminals.

Concremat’s scope of work includes the management of simultaneous undertakings, with the provision of specialized consulting services in owner engineering and technical support to Logum, the supervision and inspection of the works, the setting up of a computerized project management and documentation system, and audits, among other services.

Phase I encompassed the construction and assembly of three pipelines, of 25km, 30km, and 38km; a fuel storage terminal; a pumping station, and installations in four existing terminals of local companies. This first stretch passes through the cities of Guararema, São Caetano do Sul, Mogi das Cruzes, Suzano, and Guarulhos, in the State of São Paulo.

A highlight of Concremat’s performance is the use of augmented reality technology in the enterprise.  The resource allows access to project and equipment maintenance data in the field, making it possible for operation inspectors to have a computerized view of the equipment, as well as past and future maintenance data of a real object by reading a QR Code with a smartphone.



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