E.volutive was developed over three years, bringing accurate deliveries to our customers, with 100% digital content, all traceable and transparent information and real-time access. The model, exclusive to Concremat, also has predictive analysis of occurrences in the construction process through data management and machine learning, providing up to 70% more productivity in our work.

This working model is not only technical, it is the culture influencing our actions, decision-making and attack plans. All from a modular, lean and flexible system, in which the contracting of services can be carried out in a customized way by our customers, without affecting our activities. e.volutive brings to the market a new way of looking at engineering, in a much more practical way, with easy access and oriented to the results of our clients and their projects.

It is also the Concremat way of being, with the establishment of a model that combines the development of the best technical and technological solutions with the multiplication of technical-behavioral skills among our teams, guaranteeing the quality of our products. e.volutive is the intelligence of human capital, a combination of knowledge, experiences and attitudes that guide and support our clients’ decisions. Thus, with constant improvement, we generate more impact on projects.

During the development of the project, we had several stages in the innovation life cycle. Through a multidisciplinary and multi-hierarchical squad, the entire process of ideation, conception and MVP of the project was carried out, validated and structured in eight work fronts that encompassed from the culture at the spearhead to the most advanced technological solutions. It was through key partnerships and internal development that we implemented cutting-edge technological solutions, integrated and powered by the renewed methodology and based on the best market practices suited to our Concremat way.

E.volutive was conceived through open innovation, data analysis, internal development, training and a lot of dedication from our teams, partners and leaders to make this change happen. Today e.volutive is a reality, a model implemented in more than 100 contracts of different natures.