Container Terminal of the Port of Salvador (TECON-SALVADOR)

Container Terminal at the Salvador Port

In February 2021, the operations of the Santa Dulce dos Pobres Pier began, located at TECON-Salvador – the private terminal of the Port of Salvador, located at the tip of the peninsula that separates the Bay of All Saints from the Atlantic Ocean. In September 2018, Wilson Sons – the largest integrated port and maritime logistics operator in the Brazilian market, with over 180 years of experience – began the first stage of TECON’s expansion, having chosen Concremat as responsible for managing the company.

With an investment of approximately R$ 500 million, the first phase of the work included the construction of the new linear pier with 423 meters in length, in pre-molded structure and on-site molded slab, with foundations in metallic tubular piles and in inclined reinforced concrete piles with a metallic shirt stuck in rock. The services included leveling and paving of 30,700 m² of back area, dredging of 88,752 m³ and construction of a 69 KV sheltered substation. The demolition of the existing mooring dolphin and the ro-ro ramp and the implementation of the drainage system of the new wharf, including four water and oil separator boxes, were also carried out.

With a loading capacity of 65 tons at a time and totaling 800m after the expansion, TECON’s wharf counts on six portêineres and five RTG gantry cranes – cranes used for unloading or loading containers onto ships and for moving these containers within the port area, respectively. The equipment, which enables containers to be lifted to a height of 51 meters, was produced by ZPMC, a subsidiary of CCCC, which is the largest port crane manufacturer in the world.

The second phase included the construction of the retro-area, with the execution of compacted embankment and paving in an area corresponding to 30,700 m², and was completed in February 2022. A third phase is planned, in which the reinforcement and recovery of the Água de Meninos Pier – which is the old pier, complementary to the Santa Dulce Pier – will be carried out.

Concremat’s activities included managing the physical and financial schedule of the works; supervising the works; coordinating safety, occupational health, and the environment (SMS); daily reporting of activities; inspection for receiving the work; managing the weekly meeting for monitoring the works and the monthly management meeting with the client; issuing a monthly report, evaluating the progress of the work; and monitoring, on the construction site, the contemplated steps of  the project, analyzing, supervising, and registering the environmental impacts from these actions.

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