Gameleira Wind Complex

Gameleira Wind Complex

Divided into four wind farms – Costa das Dunas, Figueira Branca, Gameleira and Farol de Touros -, the Gameleira Wind Farm has 81.65MW of capacity and 21 km of transmission lines, in a total of 23 towers. The project, located in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, began in May 2019, with an investment of R$ 397 million, and its production is already integrated into the National Interconnected System (SIN).

Concremat was initially hired to support CPFL Energia’s engineering team by providing Owner Engineering services for the preparation of the Executive Project for the Gameleira Wind Complex. Then, this same scope was extended to the entire implementation phase, with support, in the field, of the management and inspection of the works of the medium voltage network, substations, transmission line and assembly of wind turbines.

In parallel with the implementation phase, Concremat was also contracted to provide expediting services for the supply of wind turbines to the complex. The expediting activity comprises all the actions necessary for the product to be delivered on time, in accordance with the applicable technical specifications and within the quality standards expected by the customer. Among the items contained in the scope of supply of wind turbines, there are some that constitute a relevant risk to the project due to the considerable probability of delays and the potential impact if they materialize, either due to manufacturing capacity problems or due to the history of technical non-conformities.

Finally, Concremat was also responsible for monitoring, verifying and controlling the quality of activities related to factory acceptance tests and field commissioning activities for the equipment and the protection and control system of the substations present in the Gameleira Wind Complex.

In November 2021, CPFL Energia announced the result of the “CPFL Mais Valor” award, which recognizes partner companies that have distinguished themselves in the execution of their services. Concremat was awarded in the “Highlight of the Year – Renewable Energies” category for its performance at the Gameleira Wind Complex.





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