Chimarrão Transmission System

Chimarrão Transmission System

Concremat was hired as responsible for the Owner’s Engineering services for the implementation of transmission lines and associated substations of the Chimarrão Project, Lot 10 of ANEEL Auction 004/2018. The activities encompass contract monitoring and regulation with Aneel; monitoring of construction activities; occupational health and safety; basic and detailed projects; environmental programs and land process.

The Chimarrão Project is one of the assets belonging to Brookfield Group – which operates in the area of electric energy transmission through its platform, Quantum Participações S.A., a company with solid performance in the Brazilian market, responsible for bringing energy to millions of people.

With 848 kilometers, the Chimarrão transmission system comprises eight electric power transmission lines that intercept the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Started in 2019, the Chimarrão Project provides for the construction of two new substations, in addition to the expansion of seven existing substations. The assets will contribute to connecting renewable energy generation plants located in the interior to the highest consumption regions in Brazil.

As an observer, Concremat has the following duties

– To observe, with a preventive focus, all disciplines during the implementation of the Chimarrão Project – engineering and construction phases;

– Ensure compliance with current standards (NBR/contract/ ANEEL tender) and good practices, without causing any impact on the cost and schedule of the project;

– Observe, with a preventive focus, to subsidize field activities (EPC) in reducing the number of deviations and, as a consequence, the number of accidents, through the safety barriers methodology;

– Prevent environmental, labor, third-party, and legal liabilities in general;

– Equalize technical information between Quantum, the concessionaire and EPC;





Owner’s Engineering


Quantum Participações S.A. (Brookfield Group)


Rio Grande do Sul State

Sistema de Transmissão Chimarrão
Sistema de Transmissão Chimarrão
Sistema de Transmissão Chimarrão
Sistema de Transmissão Chimarrão
Sistema de Transmissão Chimarrão