E.volutive is Concremat’s intelligence in enterprise management that provides greater integration, agility and productivity in engineering solutions to achieve the best results. All this expertise covers especially four fields of the process:



It is our human capital intelligence, a combination of knowledge, experiences and attitudes that guides and supports our clients’ decisions. Thus, with constant improvement, we generate more impact in the enterprises.


» Differentiated training;

» Selections, training and technical-behavioral events;

» Concremat Experts Network, a community that integrates almost 100 professionals from various disciplines.


Intelligence and unity in our operations and deliveries, based on carefully developed methodologies and the dissemination of knowledge and experience in multiple specialties. As important as standardizing our Concremat approach is to print a continuous improvement process and maximize our performance and value generation.


» Technical procedures adaptable to the client’s reality;

» 70 years of consolidated experience in an assertive methodology;


Digital solutions that bring together information from the enterprise in an integrated environment, providing online and on-time access to those involved. Thus, we enable transparency, reliability, traceability and speed of information, facilitating decision making.


» Mobile solutions from startup Stant, concremat’s partner;

» SIGWORKS – proprietary management platform;

» Integration of digital platforms;

» State-of-the-art technologies to meet the needs of the enterprise.


More than computing data, it is necessary to interpret and cross-reference it in an intelligent way. With its vast accumulated experience, Concremat evaluates past challenges to foresee problems and propose future solutions that are more efficient and agile, avoiding rework.


» Own methodology of data management;

» KPIs and structured indicators, according to the reality of Engineering;

» Security assurance and anonymity of data.