CONCREMAT ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY S.A. (“CONCREMAT” or “Company”), a legal entity of private law, registered with CNPJ no. 33.146.648/0001-20, with headquarters at Rua Joaquim Palhares, 40 4º and 5º andares – Cidade Nova, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20260-080. It is a company that has almost seven decades of experience in the national market, whose objective is to offer integrated engineering and management solutions to customers, companies and society, always seeking to promote the best contribution to the sustainable development of the country.

The Cookie Policy is an integral part of the Privacy Policy, constituting a formal document that represents the protection of personal data as one of the Concremat values. In alignment with its values, especially the maintenance of relations with ethics, trust and security in search of constant development, Concremat has been adequate, with excellence, to practices related to privacy and protection of personal data. In accordance with current regulations on privacy and protection of personal data, this Cookie Policy provides transparency to the processes of processing, collecting, accessing and storing user data through the use of cookies contained on the Concremat website.


In accordance with current regulations on Privacy and Protection of Personal Data, this Cookie Policy, presented by CONCREMAT, provides transparency to the processes of: processing, collection, access, and storage of Users’ data through the use of cookies, contained on the CONCREMAT website. This Policy is subject to review, and any significant changes must be accessed through the CONCREMAT website, and any modifications will apply only from the date of review.


The so-called cookies are a technology of identifiers that, when transferred to the User’s browser or device, allow in addition to recognizing, informing how and when the pages/resources of CONCREMAT are visited and how many individuals have accessed them. The use of this technology provides opportunities for the information collected to be used to target new products, advertisements and information that conform to the interests and preferences of the User, based on their access history.


There are several ways to use cookie technologies according to the nature of the expected purpose. The main types of cookies used are: essential, performance, functional, advertising or marketing and third parties.


Are called necessary, those cookies that are essential for the CONCREMAT website to load correctly and enable the User to fully navigate, as well as use all available functionalities. These are subject to deactivation by the User, however such action may result in problems in the full operation of the website. Check below, the types of cookies and their characteristics:


Are called third parties, those cookies that belong to and are administered by third party companies and service providers. In this way, when browsing our website, the User may view third-party cookies and even be directed to their websites

It should be clarified that these cookies are not under the control of CONCREMAT, so it is recommended that the User always consult the privacy policies of the websites he/she accesses. Therefore, attention is needed, as cookies added by third parties may be
continue to monitor your user’s online activities even after the user’s
your exit from our website.


In order to maintain the proper functioning of the platform, the use of cookies may be essential, but there is a way to manage them in order to keep the User’s data protected:

1- In the case of functional cookies the management ends when the browsing history is deleted by the User by selecting the option “Clear cookie data”.
2- There is the possibility of cookies no longer being managed as soon as the User closes the page, so it is necessary to access our website through the “Inloe Mode” in your browser.


If any any doubt about this Policy, the theme of privacy and data protection, or any complaints or requests (such as access, objections or correction requests), please contact us through our Personal Data Processing Officer through the channel:

Name of the Person In charge: Ana Júlia Brandimarti Vaz Pinto

Or, forward your request, by physical means, to this address: Rua Joaquim Palhares, 40, Torre Sul, 5º andar, Estácio, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, CEP 20260-080