Concremat, through fiscal incentive laws destined to culture, annually sponsors projects and initiatives focused on themes such as education, innovation, conscious consumption, art and sustainability practices which are inclusive. Since 2010 the choice of projects is made by the Cultural Sponsorship Committee, always based on the company’s guidelines and values. The committee is formed by the CEO, the vice-presidents and representatives of the Marketing, HR, QHSE and Compliance areas.

Get to know the projects and institutions supported in 2022:


For the fifth consecutive year, Concremat sponsors the project Social Action for Music of Brazil – a non-governmental, non-profit organization with inclusive social action through music education for children and teenagers from economically disadvantaged communities at social risk. More than 12,000 young people have attended  the institution over its 24 years. Currently, the program is in three regions of Brazil (North, Northeast, and Southeast) and serves a total of 4,722 students in its socio-educational and cultural program, contributing to the reduction of social inequalities in Brazil.

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The project takes an itinerant art gallery to public squares in the city of Rio de Janeiro using an adapted truck. Throughout 2021, the exhibitions will cover two themes: art and environment, in the first semester, and art and science, in the second. The exhibition collection consists of interactive works of art, videos, photographs, music, and several audiovisual resources. The exhibition occupies the truck’s internal gallery and its surroundings, in a delimited area. A visitation route is pre-established to create a coherent narrative with the content presented, and visitors are accompanied by monitors trained by the project’s multidisciplinary team. At the end of the visits, there is a space dedicated to art and education workshops in which a variety of materials are made available for experimentation that refer to the exhibition’s content. More than 1,200 children will benefit directly from the truck trunk.

Arte em Movimento


The core of the project is the production of a children’s book, which will explain to children the changes in the labor market in a playful way. The book will be distributed free of charge to 1,200 students from 26 public schools in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in a joint action with Parceiros da Educação do Rio de Janeiro – a non-profit association dedicated to promoting public education of excellence. By encouraging this project Concremat is investing in the formation of the professionals of the future, our children of today. Conscious children, youth and adults will be able to identify professional opportunities and solve problems, acting proactively to transform the world around them.


The project will promote the recovery of two public spaces in Rio de Janeiro: Praça da Harmonia, located in the Gamboa region, and Parque da Cidade, in the Gávea neighborhood.

At the Harmony Square, it is planned to restore the gardens and the bandstand, finished with an artistic intervention by Beatriz Milhazes; to install a playground, and to remodel the furniture, the gym equipment, and the sports court. In addition, after the renovation, various cultural activities will be held in the square, such as exhibitions, concerts, reading groups, etc.

In the City Park, the historical elements that make up the garden, such as sculptures and two fountains will be restored. It is also planned to install a children’s playground, gym equipment and the construction of a sports court, in addition to signposting the local fauna and flora and an internal walking trail, with distance markers. In the social area, free restoration, landscaping, and gardening workshops will be held, and residents from the surrounding communities will be hired to perform paid services, such as gardening and cleaning the site.


Located in Ibirapuera Park, the most important green area in São Paulo, the MAM building was adapted by Lina Bo Bardi and has, besides the exhibition rooms, a studio, library, auditorium, restaurant and store. The museum’s spaces are visually integrated with the Sculpture Garden, designed by Roberto Burle Marx to house the collection’s works. All the facilities are accessible to visitors with special needs.

MAM São Paulo’s mission is to collect, study, encourage, and disseminate Brazilian modern and contemporary art, making it accessible to as many people as possible.

During the pandemic period, MAM SP produced a series of virtual visits and content in an online, free format. Even without visitation, it remained open to the public in an online format.


Rio de Janeiro’s Museum of Modern Art is focused on the avant-garde and experimentation in the arts, cinema, and culture. Founded in 1948, it has one of the most important collections of modern and contemporary art in Latin America, with around 15,000 works of art. It also has a Film Library with an screening room, a large collection of audiovisuals in all formats, and the largest archive of film documentation in the country. More than 100,000  people visit MAM every year. In 2020, the museum instituted the MAM FOR ALL program, offering free tickets, with suggested contribution (visitors pay as much as they want and if they can). In 2021, it had 45,000 on-site visitors, 158,000 accesses to the exhibitions and online events, 4,000 public school students benefited from the Libraries Network project, and 1,000 public school teachers trained in digital culture.


Rio Memórias is a virtual museum whose purpose is to spread the history and culture of the city of Rio de Janeiro, as well as to promote projects and activities related to education. Its mission is to provoke reflection about the past in order to promote a better future. In 2021, Rio Memórias had more than 50,000 accesses. Besides its digital content, the project has the RIO MEMÓRIAS EDUCA program, with several actions focused on public school students, such as workshops, educational tours through cultural and historical sites of the city, and the PROACOINS application, a quiz game with real-life rewards. Anyone can download the application and play, but public school students in high school and the last two years of elementary school can exchange their points for rewards.