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Instituto de Desenvolvimento Concremat (ID Concremat) is an internal initiative that promotes training and development actions for employees, with emphasis on technical training and the curation of behavioral and business content, aiming at the development of skills and knowledge key for our company.

Among the actions, we highlight specific training, focused on our various areas of activity, as well as lectures on topics that cover our daily lives and topics discussed at the moment. On the platform, in addition to the content produced in lives, there are interactive courses, with monthly updates, on various current topics.

Knowledge PortalOur

employees have access to the Knowledge Portal, a platform that gathers information about our success cases, corporate instructions, operational regulations and management procedures, among other technical content.

To promote the exchange of experiences, including challenges overcome and best practices, we have a specific collaborative environment, the Lessons Learned Portal, located within the Knowledge Portal. The information is still shared with work in progress – so that no experience is lost. In this way, we create a culture of continuous process improvement and the quality of our services, empowering and giving prominence to our professionals, who benefit from this learning and exchange of expertise.

Technical LecturesPeriodically

the Human Resources area promotes technical lectures, with our experts, on topics of interest to the operation.
At the end of the events, employees can ask questions and ask questions with the guest specialist. The lectures are recorded and are available for consultation later.


We often partner with market-recognized institutions for specific courses and training. Meet some of our partners:

Plataforma de educação com portfólio próprio de conteúdos, formatados de acordo com as competências ConcrematSAIBA MAIS
Consultoria sobre competências sócio-emocionais, influência e geração de valor.SAIBA MAIS
Aplicação do programa Inova2030. Dispara para um grupo de 80 colaboradores da Concremat.SAIBA MAIS

Our ExpertsOur

technical staff is one of our main pillars for the delivery of differentiated services.
In order for our entire operation to benefit from this human intelligence, we have the Network of Specialists, an environment with more than 100 professionals, registered according to their specialization and technical qualification. In addition to facilitating communication with experts for problem solving, the Network offers specific content and events, such as the “Ask an Expert” video series, in which experts answer questions previously sent by the employees of the operation. The Network of Specialists aims to create a culture of collaboration and integration, taking advantage of the high degree of knowledge of our employees in the most diverse areas of activity.

Our LeadershipDirecting

the efforts of our more than 3,000 employees, ensuring the delivery of services with quality and efficiency to all our customers, is the constant goal of our leaders.
It is also up to our leadership team the role of enabling, in the day-to-day of our operations, the fulfillment of our mission, vision and values and all compliance guidelines, ensuring that all Concremat processes are carried out in an ethical and transparent manner.
Meet our executive team:

As it is to work at ConcrematIn

each new work we start, we seek to form the best team, thinking not only of multidisciplinarity but of people with different experiences and worldviews.
We bet on professionals with technical and socio-emotional skills, willing to find new solutions to the challenges faced in daily life, with creativity, technical competence and resilience.

Get to know some of our employees and how it is, for them, the experience of working at Concremat.