Concremat Environmental

Concremat Environmental acts in consonance with the engineering work, providing environmental solutions at all stages of the enterprise, right from conception – evaluating the best location and technological alternatives from an environmental point of view – until demobilization. In other words, before, during and after the work, including licensing, environmental management and social management.

Our big advantage is the continuous dialogue and permeability among the environmental, projects, management and supervision sectors of the several engineering segments, which gives the group’s services a modern, efficient and integrated vision for each enterprise.

The experience and expertise of Concremat Environmental include projects in all segments of the public and private sectors, especially services provided to businesses in the areas of TransportsIndustry and MiningEnergy, Oil & Gas and Public Buildings and Private Buildings.

At the forefront of offering solutions, Concremat Environmental combines planning, quality control and compliance with deadlines to help support decision-making, as well as bringing together a multi-, interdisciplinary team of specialists who put a high degree of environmental commitment into our products.

We operate in the following stages of an enterprise:


    » Assessment of risks and environmental and social constraints
    » Strategic Environmental Assessment (AAE)
    » Due Diligence

    » Social and environmental studies on location and technological alternatives
    » Preliminary assessment of implementation and operation social and environmental costs
    » Assessment of environmental liabilities and remediation projects

    » Assistance for the environmental licensing process, organizing public hearings
    » Environmental studies for the advance environmental license (LP) and implementation license (LI) - EIA, RIMA, PBA etc
    » Land registration, evaluation and management
  • Implementation

    » Environmental Management
    » Environmental supervision and inspection of works
    » Social Management
    » Implementation of environmental programs (monitoring, social communication, environmental education etc.)
    » Assistance for sustainability certifications (LEED, AQUA)
    » Managing the sustainability of the work
  • Operation

    » Implementation of environmental programs (monitoring, social communication, environmental education etc.)
    » Implementation of the Environmental Management System (SGA)
    » Sustainable Development Plan (PDS)
    » Management of Operating licenses (LO)
    » Inventory and monitoring of greenhouse effect gases (GEE)
  • Completation

    » Studies for decommissioning and restoration of degraded areas
    » Environmental Remediation Project