Featured in the Brazilian Engineering Ranking

For the sixth consecutive year, Concremat Engenharia e Tecnologia remained among the top three in the Designers & Managers category, National level, of the Brazilian Engineering Ranking – 500 Greatest Construction Companies. Prepared annually by the magazine O Empreiteiro, the survey lists the largest engineering companies in Brazil in four segments: Construction companies; Industrial Assembly; Designers & Managers; and Special Engineering Services. The ranking, based on the previous year’s gross revenue and operational data, revealed that Concremat had a 3% revenue variation between 2019 and 2020. The award ceremony was held virtually this Wednesday ( 07/28).

The executive president of Concremat, Mauro Viegas Neto, highlighted that the company has been investing, in recent years, in important innovation projects, with the objective of maintaining the offer of services in a process of constant evolution, based on the needs identified by the market and by customers and mapped global trends.

“Any company that wants to stay ahead in its segment needs to embrace the two agendas, innovation and sustainability, permanently and continuously. The territory of innovation is wide and all initiatives, from incremental to disruptive, have value. And regardless of the outcome, the most valuable aspects are in the field of expanding the look and repertoire of skills and in how to identify and solve problems,” he says.

Mauro also highlighted the intensification of the sustainability agenda, both in internal actions and in Concremat’s service portfolio, having as a parameter the ESG guidelines and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“What drives our organization is to have a positive impact: the customers who choose us, the ventures in which we participate, the communities with which we interact and the employees, partners and shareholders that make up the company (8th SDG). Positive impact through a series of aspects: from the safety of people and ethical and responsible treatment in relationships (3rd and 5th SDGs); the constant search for innovative and sustainable technical solutions that build resilient infrastructure (9th SDG); discipline in costs and meeting deadlines (8th SDG; increasing the useful life of buildings (9th SDG); reducing the carbon footprint (12th and 13th SDGs) and promoting sustainable growth of impacted communities (1st, 10th and 11th SDG). The challenge is complex, since the Brazilian socioeconomic context constantly imposes a series of obstacles. For this, Concremat is dedicated to the continuous construction of a platform that offers experience, security, knowledge, technology, credibility and openness to innovate, with the objective of attracting and retaining talents who wish to develop and impact the quality, efficiency and sustainability of projects, leaving a better legacy for the next generations”, he says.


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14 de April de 2022