Social Responsability

For the Concremat Companies, it is extremely important to rethink the way we do business, seek out cleaner technologies and develop constructive relationships with our stakeholders.

Externally, the Concremat Companies are seeking to contribute to this goal in our value chain, establishing a commitment to a sustainable modus operandi as an inseparable part of its activities. Internally, these principles are also becoming reality and are currently spread across a number of initiatives in our offices, laboratories and contracts. These are practices that reflect the company’s concern with its economic, social and environmental impacts (which make up the so-called triple bottom line).

Social Responsibility Policy

  • Conduct business based on ethics and transparency, making the company a partner and co-responsible for the development of the publics with which it has relations.
  • Abide by the rules of conduct as laid down by professional bodies in the relationship with the companies in the sector.
  • Seek solutions that are compatible with the principles of sustainable development, human rights and the social and economic reality of the environment where the work is carried out.
  • Participate in initiatives representing the company’s commitment to preserving the environment, social inclusion and quality of life.


Sustainability Policy

  • Legal conformity through compliance with current laws and rules of conduct defined by the professional bodies relating to the operations and activities of the Company. Conduct the business with ethics and transparency, with the Company becoming a partner through the development of the stakeholders with which it maintains a relationship.
  • Promote the engagement and participation of the shareholders and investors, staff, suppliers, customers, the community, government, organized civil society and other interested parties.
  • Promote the education, training and professional development of the employees, diversity and equal opportunity, professional retention and valorization, as well as occupational health and safety.
  • Promote the conscientious use of natural resources, the preservation of the environment and biodiversity, risk management and the reduction of the environmental impacts in the operations and activities of the Company.
  • Support the development of society through incentives and participation in projects and programs directed toward the socio-economic development of vulnerable communities and social groups. Encourage innovation in the business environment and the development of new products, focusing on the continuous improvement of the operations and activities of the company, aimed at long-term economic, social and environmental benefits.
  • Verify, measure and publish Green House Gas emissions (GHG), establish targets and obligations for reduction and compensation, as well as support and participation in projects and projects aligned with national, state and municipal policies for reduction of climate change.