In order to systematize the sustainable practices implemented in its contracts, Concremat created the Sustainability Management Methodology, the main application channel of which is the Sustainability Practices tool. Through this tool, one can evaluate all the sustainability aspects of the project and the work, making it possible to identify opportunities for social and environmental improvements, map risks and minimize impacts. All these actions are recorded and managed through performance indicators, making it easy to know and measure the gains resulting from the actions taken.

Innovatively, the tool establishes a process for identifying and prioritizing sustainability strategies to be incorporated into the activities involved in the execution of enterprises, promoting the recognition of critical issues and social and environmental aspects that need to be worked on so as to minimize the associated impacts.

Since 2014, the Sustainability Practices tool, supported by the Sustainability Management Methodology, has been used on several contracts involving the Concremat Companies, resulting in the identification of opportunities that resulted in actions such as:

  • Hiring local labor;
  • Implementation of independent and impartial channels of communication between internal and external publics;
  • Support to social projects in the areas surrounding the contracts;
  • Measuring and reducing the consumption of drinking water by encouraging the consumption of gray water and rainwater;
  • Measuring and reducing the amount of solid waste generated through awareness initiatives;
  • Prioritizing the shipping of the waste generated to reuse or recycling systems;
  • Purchasing regional materials and recycled content;
  • Prioritizing internal relocation of employees;
  • Training of employees through lectures and educational campaigns.