Concremat Inspections and Laboratories

Concrete, soils and materials testing for civil construction have always been what Concremat Inspections and Laboratories is about. But although the construction sites are its flagship, the company also operates throughout the whole supply chain of the architecture and construction segment, from the foundations – through geotechnical testing -, quality control and instrumentation for the structure and assembly, to the inspection of the manufacturing of equipment, and the commissioning and certification of products, including raised floors, furniture and even mattresses.

Concremat Inspections and Laboratories has an increasingly diverse portfolio of inspection, testing, certifications and assessment services for a wide range of sectors, including TransportsSanitationOil & GasPetrochemicals, Public Buildings and Private Buildings, among others.

The performance of the company is still undergoing technical assessments and monitoring, along with technological control of buildings and infrastructure. The company has the Laboratories division, which has been diversifying its activities to meet certification process and quality control requirements in a number of sectors.

We operate in the following stages of an enterprise:

  • Implementation

    » Geotechnical Investigation and field testing (SPT, Trado, CPTU, Vane, Permeability)
    » Laboratory Geotechnical Investigation (Characterization, Triaxial, Densification, Direct Shearing)
    » Geotechnical Instrumentation
    » Tests on foundations (PIT, PDA, PCE, PCS)
    » Studies of Deposits
    » Technological Testing
    » Supervision and inspection of quality
    » Laboratory testing of building materials
    » Performance testing NBR 15575
    » Product Certification (Construction and others)
    » Precautionary Surveys
    » Inspection of manufacture and assembly of structures and equipment
    » Non-destructive testing (EVS, LP, PM, ME, US Phased Array)

    » Inspection, testing and evaluation of civil engineering structures (Buildings, Bridges, Piers, etc.)
    » Static and dynamic load testing on structures
    » Project for recovering civil engineering structures (Pathologies)
    » Analysis and project of structural reinforcement
    » Management system for asset maintenance - SIGMA
    » Instrumentation and monitoring of civil engineering structures
    » Technical supervision and quality control of works
    » Geotechnical inspections and instrumentation (Pipelines, Bridges, Tunnels, Dams and Buildings)
    » Compliance with the dam safety law (Safety Plan, Periodic Review, Emergency Action Plan)
    » Assessment and design of road surfaces (PRO-007, PRO-008/DNIT)
    » Testing of road surfaces (GPR, IRI, FWD, LVD, LVC)
    » Inspections of vertical and horizontal signage (reflectance)
    » Product Certification (Construction and others)
    » Failure analysis on industrial equipment and civil engineering structures
    » Inspection of equipment (Tanks, Pipelines, NR-13)
    » Non-destructive testing (EVS, LP, PM, ME, US C-Scan, MFL)
    » Local content certification
    » Certificate of commissioning

    » Inspection of decommissioning for civil engineering equipment and installations
    » Preservation of assets (layup of machines, equipment and installations)