Oil and Gas

Concremat is the leading provider of studies, projects and management in the natural gas distributors market in Brazil, providing support to customers throughout its whole value chain. Among the services provided are managing and supervising the construction of offshore support vessels for oil and gas activities and also managing large petrochemical plants, with a focus on improving the processes of procurement and contracting of suppliers.

The company also provides integrated environmental studies for the onshore and offshore oil and gas market, from the EIA/RIMA to environmental monitoring, as well as the basic and detailed engineering projects for biogas purification plants.

Especially noteworthy are the basic petrophysics and computerized X-ray microtomography laboratories built by Concremat. Located at the company’s headquarters in Rio, the new laboratories allow the study of the physical properties of samples from reservoir rocks and their 3D micro-structural characteristics, providing information for the exploration and production activities of oil and gas. In addition, it is developing a digital petrophysics software to perform numerical simulations of the properties of pre-salt carbonate rocks. This RD&I project from Concremat was selected by the FINEP in the TI Maior subvention invitation.