Providing the energy to run a country is a major challenge. The proper functioning of the sector is key to ensuring the competitiveness of any country on the international stage.

The Concremat Companies employ professionals and consultants with extensive experience in the widest possible range of areas in the energy sector. We develop and provide technical support ranging from environmental impact studies, generation, transmission and distribution projects, to the management of the implementation of industry enterprises.

Major enterprises such as the hydroelectric plants in Jirau (Rondônia), Teles Pires (Mato Grosso), São Manoel (Mato Grosso), Santo Antônio (Rondônia) and Palomino (Dominican Republic) involved participation of our teams of specialists. Also noteworthy are the feasibility studies and EIA/RIMA prepared for the sector, as well as independent social and environmental assessment for five wind farms built and operated by the consortium Força Eólica (Windpower) Brasil (Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte), aimed at complying with the Equator Principles. In the wind energy segment, the Concremat Companies also worked on the enterprises for the Faísas Complex and Renaissance Plants I, II, III and IV.